Insights 7.22.22

Friday, 7.22.22

Friday’s date has symbolic repetitive numbers. Could this be a sign? The weather was nice today. I went to a local walking meetup in the evening, and the evening weather felt like springtime breeziness–nature’s fan cooling people off during warm weather, which wasn’t humid yet anyway. 

Yesterday evening, at the book meetup at the same location as Friday’s walking meetup, I remember others were discussing that around the summer of 2023, the change of time will be removed, and it will remain daylight savings like summer’s time permanently. 

Anyway, I returned home and watched the below video for insights because I like to meditate on other people’s videos and see what I get out of it for fun. 

#1 Ritual psychic Frances Britney and whoever else l

Friday, July 22, 2022

Francis Farmer? I saw a movie about her on the indie channel. She was very political, and the industry wanted to silence her to shut her up. She was before my time and I wasn't familiar with this model/actress Francis Farmer. But this movie about her is sad and scary. 

Nowadays, the industry takes actors who aren’t cooperating and electric shock their brain. It might cure depression. But it might also give them amnesia or change their memory to maybe empty their brain so that they can refill their puppets brain with bullshit for further celebrity promotions. 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next is a story about mental institution and mentally ill people. It is a novel as well as a movie. Jack Nicolson was in that movie.

Rothschilds and Rockefellers? Elites? Zionists? Royal Family? Gates Family?

Britney Spears? Her new sexy younger husband is her new handler.

Marilyn Monroe is a diamond prostitute and presidential prostitute. Yeah, and she was under MK-Ultra program to promote the dumb blonde bimbo look to the masses as well as sleep around with presidents to probably gather information and help control their actions. 

Say NO to Gavin Newsom as US president. He sucked as the governor of California. What do you think he would to America as president?

Drew Barrymore wears a black ritual long cape? Sex rituals?

Kanye West is always being sent to a mental institution for electric shock to silence him from exposing the truth to the public.

U2 and Bono are the demonic Irish band who ordered a hit on Chester Bennington because Chester was trying to expose pedophilia, and U2 were most likely involved in Pedophilia. 

Celebrities wear sunglasses to cover up their demonic eyes.

Illuminati family—Luciferians...

Catholic Church uses garlic and onions with vampires because it blocks the 3rd eye.

Brad Pitt recently wore a skirt for humiliation ritual or promoting non-binary men.

Hunter Biden? Around young girls?

Armie Hammer? Arm and Hammer product? Sexual misconduct, cannibalism promotion, etc. The Arm and Hammer logo on the package looks similar to the logo for socialism/communism. And, Armie Hammer's real name is Armand Hammer. 

Sodomy rituals to promote inversions to the public. The media and dark cult and celebrities just love Satan so much that they cannot stop promoting him for their career, money, prestige, and power. 

Huma Aberdeen and Bradley Cooper? Huma Aberdeen and Hilary Clinton doing stuff to kids? They have kids to perform rituals on them and sacrifice them.

Pedophiles in politics and media.

Pierre Trudeau was homosexual, which is why his wife had an affair with Fidel Castro to create pussy Justin Castro.

Morgan Freeman fucked his stepdaughter, and then she commits suicide. Woody Allen married his stepdaughter. Yeah, Bill Clinton slept around with other women because Hillary is a lesbian, who has weird relationships with Huma Aberdeen and others that have to do with kids and pedophilia.


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