Insights 7.2.21

Friday, July 2, 2021

This morning, I woke up at 8am to take out the trash. I took out 2 bins—garbage bin and yard waste bin. Around 5 pm, when I was going to my car to go to a walking meetup, I noticed that the garbage truck only picked up the garbage bin, not the yard waste bin. Now, I have to call Waste Management tomorrow morning to see why they didn’t empty my yard waste bin, and when they are coming back to take the yard trash. Anyway, at 6 pm, I went on the Woodbridge Walk. 6 people showed up. I walked 5 miles and 12,088 steps. I returned home in daylight at 8:15pm, and I did some laundry. I returned home and decided to check out a video for insights, while drinking a tall glass of water with ice.

Bill Clinton has a gin nose. He is HIV positive.

Magic Johnson’s son? EJ Johnson is trannie man who dresses like a woman. All these celebrities seem to be creating trannie kids, and it appears to be intentional.

Paul Newman was gay? John Travolta is gay. Tennessee Williams looks gay. Cary Grant was gay. Nick Nolte is gay. Richard Chamberlain looks gay.

Virgos are kinky. Libras cheat. Taurus is sensual. Leos can be manipulated.

Sin-Eater is Witchcraft.

Sick people abusing and killing a goat to get rid of their sins. It is like sacrificing a poor goat for some scumbag’s sins.  (scapegoat)

Gotti Mafia Family commit crimes and then go inside a catholic church to confess their sins. The priest is a sin-eater or scapegoat.

Drugs open up portals in your body so demons can enter.

There will be a lockdown in late July, and they will push another vaccine and probably mask. And, it will also happen in December. Every 6 months, there will be lockdown, mask and vaccine cycles. It is all about controlling the people and enslaving the earth under One World Government for the New World Order agenda.

Queen Elizabeth and Ted Kennedy?

Princess Kate wore Rosemary’s Baby dress when her baby son was born? I remember the photo in the media, when William and Kate were standing in front of the building carrying their baby, and Kate was wearing that weird dress. Prince William’s son will be the antichrist.

Rosemary’s Baby is currently on TV as I watch this video. Yeah, I heard Satan was supposed to be good looking. That is why the TV series Lucifer has a slim, dark-haired actor playing the devil.

Celebrities serve a different god.

Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys are dark…


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