Insights 7.19.22

Tuesday, July 19, 2022


Missing children for 10 or more years? About 800 kids go missing every year. Flop house and drug den are places where many runaway teens end up to survive on the street. Pimps, prostitutes, gamblers, petty criminals, etc are some of the people that these runaway teens encounter and associate with.

3rd world country—sex trade rings, John of god situation, sweat shops, illegal adoption, pedophilia, betting on these girls, breeding, etc,

Demonic people use children for rituals.

Armie Hammer admits to being a cannibal.

Long Beach has trafficking.

Leah Remini was born in the scientology cult, and she moved away to free herself. Isaac Kappy might have been born in the cult, as well.

“Loaded gift”—someone cooks something with intention, such as spell from a witch, period blood, urine, black magick, spirit cooking, etc.

Other intentional spells include open portals in bathroom mirrors, do bindings with toothbrush, etc.


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