Insights 7.10.22

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Full Moon on Wednesday, July 13th in Capricorn. I have Capricorn moon. Capricorn tends to be traditional, especially in belief systems.

Astral Assassins on Tiktok was banned on that site. Rooftop 21 and Stay Toxic?

Youtube deleted Canadian Tarot by Janine videos.

Narcissistic people have demon possession. Demons entering abused people’s body and making them narcissistic because these people are drug and alcohol addicts, and they open portals for these demons to enter.

Cocaine rewires the chemistry of the brain? It uses and depletes dopamine. It will cause addict not to be happy or become depressed, which leads them to more coke, and eventual drug addict.

Caffeine affects the chakras.

Rosicrucians took down the Georgia Guidestones—which are satanic commandments for the New World Order agenda.

January 2024—Pluto in Aquarius—a new technology. Internet was created for porn promotion, pedophilia, and child trafficking.

Slander and libel for exposing the truth. If sued with lawsuit, respond with lawyer. Lawsuit Defamation.

Nanotechnology to remotely control people’s actions to do things, like suicide themselves, assassin others, etc.

Compassionate Depossession? A humane spirit-detaching session helps the living person, who is the host, and the attached suffering spirit being to detach, if that spirit is reluctant to cross into the other side.

Taking magic mushrooms? Mushrooms that have psilocybin—psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound, psychedelic. It is a form of fungus. It binds with serotonin receptors in brain to induce a psychedelic trip. Over 180 types of magic mushroom species.

CIA Gangstalker? Organized gang-stalking is a CIA torture and MK-Ultra program. It is an electronic torture via mind control system, now being used globally. It involves many coercive torture techniques in the CIA’s KUBARK—which is the torture manual—detailing many PsyOp techniques and electronic technologies that was developed in the CIA’s top-secret MK-Ultra mind control experiments and operations. A CIA military term for gangstalking is ISR—or Isolate and Remove.


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