Insights 6.29.22

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Traffic jams and helicopters all over LA.

New Moon in Cancer, Saturn Retrograde in June.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, and Pluto Retrograde—the crap going in since 2018 and 2019 time.

Pisces and Neptune with retrograde—planet goes backward and retrograde—creates chaos.

R. Kelly pimped young girls around for executives and elites to make money.

Aliyah was sacrificed. Quick Pro Quo—something given for something else. A sacrificial offering given in exchange for something else. It is a mutual consideration in a blood contract.

Whitney Houston was filled with Illuminati theme of gold Egyptian. R. Kelly was singing in the funeral, and they didn’t want Bobby Brown to be there. Whitney was sacrificed in the bathtub, and she went through the bathtub portal to the other side. Whitney was born into a family that did MK-Ultra mind control, and she was molested as a kid by a female relative. She later did marijuana with her brother, probably to deal with all that shit. She came out lesbian. She was probably bisexual. So, it is no wonder that Whitney was into drugs in the industry to help her deal with the fucked up inverted media.

Clive Davis is gay. He also looks satanic.

Pastor Bob?

Elvis groomed his 14-year-old wife Priscilla. Her parents were paid off. They sold their daughter to Elvis. Tom Hanks is currently promoting his new film about Elvis, where he has a role in the film.

Military and MK-Ultra mind control and CIA connection.

Making a deal with dark cult has negative consequences. Energy exchange, sacrificial, black widows. I think Brian Laundrie made a deal with the dark cult to ritually sacrifice Gabby Petito.

Jennifer Hudson sacrificed family members for her career.

Timeline jumping in the sauna. You can jump into other people’s dreams?

Vampires suck energy and sleep in coffins. Vampires enter your energy field and morph their body into you so that they control your action with their evil intentions. Vampires are undead. They are drawn to others who they need their energy. Vampires are bloodsucking, parasitic leeching reptilians.

Blood donations goes to feeding celebrity and elite vampires.  Celebrities go to Germany and get their blood recycled with blood transfusions.

Brussels Party Hunting game to hunt children…

Abandoned cemeteries.

Freemasons excluded women. I think because they are gay or bisexual, and they prefer other men rather than women. Women are just their beards to help them pull off a normal relationship.

If you die and cross out, then your guides are waiting to cross you over.

The date that people die on earth is the date that they are born on the other side, and live a new life on the other side.

DMT and other drugs are used to bring demons into your body. drugs open portals.

Russia and Ukraine are the same country, all a part of Russia. Ukraine has the largest child trafficking ring. This war is all about USA stealing Ukraine from Russia, which is why USA placed that puppet in Ukraine to provoke a war with Putin. They finally go their war, and USA will transform Ukraine into their pedophilia area.

Celebrities adopt black babies from other countries to transgender them. Celebrities are satanic, trying to invert their kids because the Baphomet had both female and male body parts, as well as a form of beastiality—half man and half goat, similar to Rosemary’s Baby. Actors and models are made to look like the opposite sex to promote inversion and trannies and transhumanism.

Pink had adonis belt? I just think Pink is an fugly cunt.

People are now pronouns; they/them probably have multiple personalities, or they are probably dissociated via MK-Ultra mind control abuse to create alters to do different jobs.

Foreplay? A prerequisite for sexual intercourse, at least for some people to put them in the mood.

Finding fault with others is narcissistic. Speaking of narcissistic psychopaths, Amber Heard isn’t attractive. She probably was when she was young and thin. But at 36, she looks fat and her face looks average looking, which is probably a part of the reason their relationship went downhill. And either way, she cannot act. Her looks in her youth didn’t help her acting career. At 36, she had a reality check—she gained too much weight, she looks ordinary looking, and she still didn’t get anywhere with her acting career because no on had heard of her before until this comedic Depp/Turd trial all over Youtube, promoting her MePooMovement, pussy men with abusive women, mental illness, and drug issues for both, and whatever else they went on about.

Fake vagina for trannie men and fake penis for trannie women? WTF with this fucked up world we live in? It sounds like satanic inversion for the New World Order agenda. What will they think up next?

Winona Ryder ended up in a mental hospital, after she shoplifted at Neiman Marcus for publicity reasons.

Strippers are needy for a man’s attention because they were abused by a man when they were young. They don’t see the red flags because they are desperate for love, often looking in the wrong place wrong for the wrong man.

My life path number is 11, which is master 11 or 2; 2 is about partnership.

Energetic choice to live in the dark realm—when you do drugs. Raise your spiritual vibrations to help you become sober. And being sober allows you to see clearly and the truth, and you won’t be easily manipulated by the bullshit promoted in the Zionist-infested media for their New World Order agenda. So, laugh, enjoy your life, take care yourself, be healthy, and love one another. In other words, do the fucking opposite of whatever the media tells you to do.

Mommie Dearest? Joan Crawford was narcissistic with her adopted kids.

Middle-aged women get chin hair…


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