Insights 6.26.22

Sunday, 6/26/22

Brad Pitt looks creepy on this GQ Magazine, doing his Illuminati promotion, with a reptilian lizard, roses, and red symbolism on his hand. His eyes look dead, almost like a robotic slave puppet zombie. 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Movie bathrooms for hire at parties?

Brad Pitt modeling a dark cult photo, with a lizard pin, red ring, and white rose. The lizard might be a sign of reptilians. Red ring might be symbolism of adrenochrome. He is posing with a corpse background. The photo is filled is filled with Illuminati symbolism.  He is a puppet for the luciferians, paid to promote their agenda. Brad Pitt posing on GQ magazine. He might be a bloodsucking parasite.  He looks creepy. Her eyes look like a robotic slave or dead. Different colored roses all over background? He looks corpse dead. Something red on the back of his head. I wonder if this GQ magazine promotion is a sign that they will take him out next?

Aligning oneself with certain people that appear to look like a particular celebrity?

Demons hide behind people’s energy. Metaphysical hide behind celebrities’ energy.

Sean Connery beat his French wife.

Scratches are demon attacks?

Formaldehyde in cherries?

Drink lots of water for detox.

People who pretend to be your friend to annihilate you. Some will hide behind your energy, maybe you attract certain people.

Bill Gates bought a lot of farms in USA to control what’s in the food for the depopulation agenda.

Retainers after braces and after Invisalign.

Coconut oil rinse.

Removing wisdom teeth is a scam?

Solar Return? Happens a month before one’s birthday. The sun goes back into the degree of the time of one’s birth. Run the chart with place of birth and year to get the energy of the year. I went to the Solar Calculator, but I am not sure if I did it correctly. 

Birth chart (local time):19 August 1964 – 00:35 (BST, DST)Universal Time (UT/GMT):18 August 1964 – 23:35 House system:Placidus systemLatitude, Longitude:55°57’N, 3°12’WCity (Country):United Kingdom Edinburgh (GB)

Solar chart (local time):18 August 2022 – 17:00 (PDT, DST)Universal Time (UT/GMT):19 August 2022 – 00:00 Latitude, Longitude:33°40’N, 117°49’WCity, Country:United States Irvine (US), CA

Planet positions Birth      Solar

Sun        Leo Leo (26°01’)                Leo Leo (26°01’)

Moon    Capricorn Capricorn (7°53’)          Taurus Taurus (23°51’)

Mercury               Virgo Virgo (17°56’)         Virgo Virgo (21°51’)

Venus   Cancer Cancer (10°40’)   Leo Leo (8°51’)

Mars      Cancer Cancer (12°42’)   Taurus Taurus (29°13’)

Jupiter  Taurus Taurus (24°57’)   Aries Aries (7°59’)

Saturn   Pisces Pisces (2°06’)        Aquarius Aquarius (21°34’)

Uranus Virgo Virgo (9°30’)           Taurus Taurus (18°54’)

Neptune              Scorpio Scorpio (15°11’) Pisces Pisces (24°47’)

Pluto     Virgo Virgo (13°20’)         Capricorn Capricorn (26°40’)

Node     Gemini Gemini (29°07’)  Taurus Taurus (17°21’)

Lilith       Sagittarius Sagittarius (24°11’)    Cancer Cancer (14°02’)

Chiron   Pisces Pisces (17°24’)      Aries Aries (16°02’)

ASC        GeminiGemini (27°58’)  CapricornCapricorn (12°07’)

MC         AquariusAquarius (15°26’)            ScorpioScorpio (1°40’)


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