Insights 6.24.22

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Overhead lights create dark shadows? Oh, shadows under eyes.

Many people are being silenced for the opinions or psychic abilities from the other side. Crazy energy going on this month. Addicts mock sober people because they have clear head and they can see the truth clearly. Sober people are the truth-telling people exposing the truth?

Inspiration from spiritual, God, or cosmic areas?

Toronto, Canada energy is very satanic.

What wrong with being in 50s and sober? Are all 50s people supposed to be on some drug for something? I don’t get it.

Taking LSD from age 12 to 20? Speed-balling caused issues to lose weight after second baby. Lost 50 pounds in 2 months, which changed her skin.

Energetically kill people through mind control to jump out at certain areas where they can be killed in some way. This is how the Illuminati works. Maybe that is how they suicided certain celebrities to silence them.  Demons and demonic people can entity jump into people bodies to make them do things.

Cold numb hands due to drug use? Is that out of body?

Marrying a man you meet at a strip club usually indicates the man has a double life? That is interesting because during the depp/turd trial, it was noted that Amber Heard frequented at strip clubs because she was bisexual, and she did have a double life—married to Johnny Depp, but had female girlfriends on the side. And, who knows, maybe she had something with other male celebrities and Elon Musk.

All psychics are different. Real psychics are both with psychic skills, while the fraud psychics are con artists and liars, trying to steal money from others by telling them garbage. The fake psychics take advantage of people to milk them for their money.

Portals are opened to the other side?

Facebook is taking down certain pages.

Abortion is murder, and so is eating eggs because that is chicken abortion.

Isaac Kappy was krappy. I couldn’t tolerate listening to his long and winding videos, and he wasn’t saying something that I didn’t already know. He just confirmed what was already out there for people who don’t really know what’s going on.

Voice-to-skull technology and following orders through nanotechnology methods into victim’s brain, like mind control, to control their actions or make them suicide themselves. (I blocked about that on another site, which was done to sex kitten celebrities, such as marilyn monroe, raquel welsh, anna nicole smith, etc to control them to act in a certain way and promote certain style, like sexy sex kitten).

5 planets were aligned Friday, June 24th, which will open portals to the other side. It will open a portal of energy, which will create chaos within the next 6 months. Luck or lack of luck will happen in people’s face. Physical violence about all kinds of crap.

Toxic loyalty is about marrying an addict, and the addict controls you by toxic acts.

Virgo women are controlling psychopaths. His virgo mother had only one son, and he didn’t want his mother controlling him. The son of such controlling mother will likely become mama’s boy and weak coward, and seek a strong controlling woman to take care of him.

Husbands who gaslight…

People who were abused in childhood tend to be needy, desperate for love, and they end up finding love in the wrong places with the wrong people.  They need to heal childhood trauma to live a normal life as an adult and be free of all toxicity as an adult.

Notice red flags before you marry your fiancé, or even when dating. So, it is better to get out of certain relationship before the relationship suddenly turns toxic.

Ryan O’Neal is an example of a toxic man who fucks up his family. Just look at what happened to his kids, first wife, and lover Farrah Faucet.

I think this video reminds me of the Depp/Heart Trial. 


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