Insights 6.2.22

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Energy exchange?

Crystal rocks discussion. I have an amethyst rock that I found at a mall parking lot, and as well as another small crystal on a chain I got free from a DKNY fashion events during the 90s. I also have some animal-shaped stones on a chord that I bought from street vendor. 

Elite Shungite rock blocks crap from others.

Weird energy recently. Crystal rocks help clear negative energy.

Selenite and amethyst don’t need to be cleaned.

People can come in your dreams to spy on you. They have to ask your permission. And you can pray to keep them out.

Cutting ethereal chords—pull it by the root.

You can cleanse a diamond with a full moon.

Ascension is mental…whether living in 3D or 5D…society is in 3D but 5D is about thinking positive to make a world a better place beyond the 3D societal life.

Another lockdown around election time…for the new world order agenda…the Zionist-occupied government want to control everyone as slaves under One World Government.

Garnet is good for the belly area.

Yelp is annoying. Craiglist is the most annoying site, filled with fucktards.

Women over 50 can see a man’s bullshit.

Passive Aggressive men?

Women always do everything, even nowadays. Men are lazy, often hiring bitches to do their work.

Sexual trauma? Sex addicts or asexual…

People in spiritual world are trying to switch energy with people on earth.

Yeah, when someone from another country becomes an American, they have to give up other passport. Since I lived in America since I was 5, I was asked to choose between USA or British passport when I got older. I couldn’t keep both. I guess I chose USA passport because I live here, but I wanted to keep both. I am still both anyway. I am Scottish-American…

Amber Turd might be a victim of something, as well. They are both mentally ill, on drugs and liquor, as well as abused since childhood.


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