INSIGHTS 6.19.23


Monday, June 19, 2023

Titanic sinking was a planned ritual to take over NYC. Rockefellers wanted to take over NYC from the Astor family. Titanic was filled with elites, which included the Astor family. Vanderbilts were planning on going on that Titanic ship trip, but they were forewarned not to go; so, they quit last minute.

The timeline shift on Saturday led to the opening of portals. These portals are being opened so that dark entities will enter. So, it is best to live your life as how you want to live it, doing what makes you happy, enjoy your life, and live a positive life in the present moment, enjoying and being grateful for what you currently have.

Tiger blood is codeword for adrenochrome. I think Charlie Sheen mentioned something about doing tiger blood in the media, a couple of years ago. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. But it appears he was promoting adrenochrome in codeword, just like Pizzagate uses different codewords for certain kids and babies.

Oprah is a High Priestess Witch. So, is Madonna. How do you think they made it this far?

Panda Eyes? Panda earrings? Meat outfit? These are just more dark cult promotions that you might have seen celebrities promote in the media. 


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