INSIGHTS 6.18.23

Sunday, June 18, 2023


Last night, there was a timeline change? Headaches, absentmindedness, losing things and finding it elsewhere, ringing in the ears, and sleeping a lot. Timeline shift last night. It forces you into a different mindset because something changed in your environment.

Saturn Retrograde until the end of the year. The Spiritual War continues.

Late people don’t die. They just move on to another dimension, but their spirit is still around their family on earth.

All the politicians are controlled oppositions, just like celebrities. They all work for the same demonic entity for money, prestige, power, and fame. sex magick rituals and the elite clubs they belong to. Bill Gates didn’t create Microsoft. He is a businessman; he buys and sells to make money.

OJ Simpson was illiterate? So was Sammy Davis Jr, who was also a satanist. OJ Simpson was born in a bloodline family.


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