Insights 6.14.22 on Full Moon night

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Full Moon—Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius, as well as Gemini season. Full Moon is about releasing something and/or someone. Let go of stuff…karma will happen in June. Reap what you sow. Write everything on a piece of paper that you want to release and rid from your life, and place the paper in the freezer to freeze it or even flush it down the toilet.

Chaos-causing witch? Psychotic demonology and jealousy. Slander and defamation lawsuit? That sounds like Amber Heard.

Monkeypox is another bullshit flu for their agenda.

Lockdown in July? There are many mentally ill brainwashed people in society, who were MK-Ultra-mind-controlled by the media.

Justin Castro is a pussy. Nancy Pelosi enjoys her nephew Newsom?

Illuminati are the elites, satanic Zionists, etc, trying to control the whole earth as slaves under One World Government.


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