Tuesday, May 9, 2023


68 degrees and sunny in Irvine, California during the daytime, and 56 to 60 degrees and windy during the evening. I walked across the street for the UCI meetup. I ended up walking 5.7 miles, 5 floors, and 16,329 steps. The campus was busy this evening, as well as windy and cloudy with gray sky. 

Canadian Pisces Dorothy Stratton became a famous playboy model, with the help of her pimp Aries husband, who eventually killed her when she wanted to move on with her life. She was likely ritually sacrificed. I have seen the movie, Star 80, about her life, which starred Eric Roberts and Mariel Hemmingway. And, later, an older man went after her little sister to groom her for a similar life. I wonder what happened to her sister.

I recently heard that Robert De Niro and his wife just had their seventh baby. Katie Holmes just had her second baby.

The inbred Royals and King Charles’ coronation, with his wife Queen Camilla. Everything they do is ritualized because they are a part of the dark cult. Charles and Camilla had a baby together in the past, but they gave it up to a staff member to raise it in Australia.  Prince William has a mistress? British model Sarah Rose Hanbury? She had his baby in 2015? It is likely true because he is like his father. Maybe it is a part of their rituals. 

2023 is the first year of the N.W.O.? I recently noticed that the independent movie channel showing the movie, 1984, warning people about what to expect in the N.W.O. They want to start removing all monarchy, presidents, and leaders, so that the whole earth will be under One World Government, as well as One World Religion, and One World Currency.  They are like the 2009 movie, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, where Heath Ledger was murdered for exposing the dark cult and their evil acts.

Bill Gates is not a computer programmer. He is just a businessman. He makes money via buying and selling ventures. Now, he owns all the farms in America, which is scary because he was into eugenics and depopulation agenda with his late friend Jeffrey Epstein.

P. Diddy Sean Combs put a hit on Jamie Foxx?

Disney is pushing trans agenda onto kids?

Keanu Reeves and Geffen were lovers for a long time. Clive Davis is gay.


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