Insights 5.30.22

Monday, May 30, 2022

Gemini New Moon today. Ruling planet by Mercury and Scorpio). But Mercury Retrograde is mental retrograde, bringing up whatever you don’t see. You will realize many people around you are stupid morons. You will see and communicate clearly. But idiots around you are still morons. (That sounds like my life when I chat with morons). I have Gemini rising, which is why the new moon in Gemini is probably affecting me. You will see people speaking their shadow side? A person’s shadow side is what they are embarrassed to bring up, such as your hidden secrets which are ashamed or guilty of; release your shadow side.

Dressed in pink and black 80s and 90s outfit theme, running up Mt. Baldy. Beaded bracelets, watch, and aviator sunglasses, to accent torn denim pink cropped denim jacket over pink cami and pink leggings as well as sparkly pink eyeshadow and matte pink lipstick.

Get rid of idiots in your life to improve your time or timeline?

Communicate your shadow side in order to heal yourself. Speaking it removes the fear from it.

Clearing ancestral blocks? Coming in and going out during eclipses?

In July, it will be Pluto Return. Be ready for shit hitting the fan.

Caught in the 3D means you believe in time and society’s life. Scorpio and Taurus are working together.

To elevate to 5D, you need to elevate shadow side to light side. Think positive, and ignore negativity. Don’t watch TV because it is all bullshit lies to control your life as slaves for the N.W.O. agenda.  Integrate the shadow side with the light to elevate to 5D.

Look at negativity as events and experience to solve as they come along and move on toward the future. Look at such situations from different perspective.

Portals can be opened and shut. Portals are used to bring in demonic entities. People can open portals in the bathroom mirrors. Portals are doorways to other beings.

She stopped at a little town where Isaac Kappy jumped off a bridge. The area towards Sedona, Arizona. The bridge is at Belmont, Arizona. On the right side was Navajo government land. On the left side was the truck stop. He was 40 miles from the Grand Canyon. The bridge is near Police Station. Timeline changed in that area? Scenery suddenly changed. Isaac was communicating with Tracy? She died after Isaac had died, and they were both announced to have committed suicide, which is likely suicided. They were both investigating and discussing PedoGate.

Pluto and the Moon are medium shift, and you can communicate with the other side. Release emotional power struggles. Passing a female figure.

Money has no value, but used as a tool to do stuff in society. Money is a form of energy, which gives some people power.

Saturn Return means you shall reap as you sow. Sun Conjunct Jupiter => your sun and Jupiter are like married. You can appear livelier than others because it gives you too much energy. You need to figure out your philosophy of life.

Clinton had a cannibal disease, like some rainforest people.

Yeah, Depp/Heard trial is a comical distraction to promote their agenda to the masses.


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