Insights 5.3.22

Tuesday, 5.3.22

Stripper story in Fort Lauderdale in 1986, explaining the stripper’s life. Hotels, roommates, wild parties, sex, and noisy all night. Spring Break in Florida and Mexico.

Early Saturn Return? I think I am going through that all Tuesday. I woke up with a bad headache. I didn’t go to the gym. I couldn’t eat all day because of the headache. But I ate some strawberries and strip cheese, as well as herb tea and water. I ended up throwing up and making a mess on my rug. After cleaning the mess, I ate some roasted and salted pumpkin seeds. I just rested the whole day while watching the indie channel all day. I didn’t turn on my computer on Tuesday; but late at night, I watched youtube video on my iPhone6 until my battery died.

Menopause toleration tips—daily exercise, lots of hiking and walking, acupuncture, eat healthy, and detoxing. Drink coffee and eat smaller proportions.  Both men and women experience menopause.

Condoms? Most people don’t wear them. Oral sex gives STD, herpes, and other sex diseases in your mouth.

Pineapple card with Jerry Stiller screaming serenity now. I thought that was Jerry Springer.

Dentists can see everything inside people’s mouth, like signs of other diseases.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was a party girl? Yeah, I heard that she started out as a sex worker before she became an actress. She gave her husband genital warts in the throats, I guess from oral sex.

Celebrities tend to be bisexual, if not just gay, because it is a part of Illuminati agenda, and that is how celebrities promote themselves for jobs, more money, power, fame, and prestige.

Megan Fox is a Luciferian Satanist, which is why she always promotes drinking blood.

Actors are possessed by demons, like Lady Gaga, etc.

Michael Devin in 80s metal band. Leo with lots of hair. He has a girlfriend from Toronto, Canada. He is a great communicator, which helps him be a good musician. Creative jobs require good communication skills via creative means.

Gypsies ask for money to clear negative or demonic energy. There are also fake psychics who are con artists. Demons jump into people with low vibrations, such as people who are doing drugs, people with mental illness, and depressed people. Serial Killers are out of body, with a demon inside them, making them kill and be destructive. Demons can also rape people. They go to people who are light and happy in order destroy them into the dark side.

Sodomy Rituals in porn and regular films to normalize it to the masses. They do this for pedophilia to break children. It is a part of the Luciferian agenda for power over others.  Euphoria is low vibration. They want to subversively control children. They are controlling children’s energy via abuse to force them into Luciferianism. Men with small penis is controlled to be a positive feature in Luciferian cult.

Hubbard, Jack Parsons, and A. Crowley were roommates in college; there business is based on Luciferian philosophy.

Pedophile triangle? Chrissy Teigen. Transgendered women to make them masculine. Luciferianism is about inversion.

Lucifer was a fallen angel. He was beautiful and alluring, but he wanted to takeover God, probably because Lucifer was egotistical, which lead him to his own Kingdom of Hell, always competing with God by doing the opposite, to lure people towards his own kingdom, filled with demonic, evil, and corrupt people.  All this dark stuff going on earth is Lucifer’s work, sending his demonic recruits to destroy the earth in some way for everlasting life in Hell.

Keanu Reeves started out as Geffin’s lover. He did gay sex for jobs. Most men, women, and kids in the media end up doing sex for jobs or money, whether heterosexual sex or gay sex.

Bono ordered the hit on Chester Bennington.

Living in a loop, like the movies, Groundhog Day and Russian Doll.

Ukraine and Poland have the biggest trafficking ring, which is why many celebrities are going there. It attracts all the pedophiles, as well as the others who need their adrenochrome.

Walt Disney was a Zionist. Howard Hughes was a gay, pedophile.

It is all about a Zionist Mafia, killing off their puppets when they no longer need them, or if they are not making enough money for the industry, or if they are speaking up about something they shouldn’t be to expose the truth.

Alter-state celebrities is when dark celebrities try to get into your head.

Timeline jumping—and her timeline did change, because she saw Keith living at 40.

Demons are dead, and they desperately want to jump into a low vibration living people to live on earth through that person and probably do destructive acts. But late people have transcended and transitioned into another dimension, and living on the other side. So, late people aren’t really dead. Their spirit is just living in another dimension.

“Going into the Light” might have to do with going toward Lucifer, since Lucifer means Light-Bearer. Luciferians take words out of context to promote their dark ways through inversion because Lucifer does things opposite of God’s Ways.


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