Insights 5.28.21

Friday, May 28, 2021

Mercury Retrograde is tomorrow…

Ogo Pogo is similar to loch ness monster but in Toronto, Canada.

Bill Gates bought all the farm lands because the government will pay him subsidies.

Harry from Royal family has been split. Royal family are involved in pedophilia. They abuse, kill, and eat kids. They need their adrenochrome for their fountain of youth. Orphanages, Covenant House, and Halfway Houses are often used to get kids for pedophilia and child trafficking.

Don’t buy in race wars. And, don’t buy anything from the Zionist-occupied government.

Today, they found the bodies of 215 native Indian children in Canada. Royal family ate them. Schools run by Jesuits. Freemasons worship the Baphomet. It is a cult. It is all about the New World Order One World agenda. One World is all about New Age bullshit.

Death by undisclosed causes = murder.

Sex workers are working out their sexual abuse traumas. They have life experience about human nature because of the variety of people who go to strip clubs.


Clintons, Oprah Winfrey, and Naomi Campbell recruit or kidnap kids for pedophilia and child trafficking. Babies sold into domestic slavery all over the world.

Diana Sawyer, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Gayle, and etc on Geffin’s Yacht, partying together, while some female was hanged from a tree nearby.

Cher has two trannie children.

Paperwork for getting a vaccine? Hitler did the same thing before he sent Jews to concentration camp. Now, it is happening in 2021…

Brad Pitt has a small penis?

Jamie Lee Curtis was born a hermaphrodite.

Jarod Kushner was born into an Illuminati family.

Joan Rivers was murdered, which is so obvious, because she called Obama a homosexual and Michelle a trannie man.

Demi Lovato is mind-controlled.

Gay George Clooney married a trannie-looking woman and had twins via surrogate. The marriage was set up.


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