Insights 5.21.22

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Mercury Retrograde, Gemini Season, Pluto Return until July which will go into full speed, etc.

Trannie running for Congress at San Fernando Valley this June. Maebe A. Girl? She looks transgendered man to woman what-the-fuck thing.

Monkeypox? The latest flu…it came from a tiger? Who makes up this shit?

Another Lockdown in November? Market Crash in October? Between July and October, shit will hit the fan.

September 24, 2019, when the virus was created, before it actually was known in 2020.

Chinese bought Vancouver Canada and Billy Gates bought all the Midwest farms.

Agenda 2030 is about putting people in different areas, like in Hunger Games Districts.

Timeline Jumping can jump into different eras of time.

Mark Zuckerberg is a Rothschild. How do you think he got Facebook?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard…why is this televised as well as all over Youtube? It is just another form of distraction to make people pick sides and root for your favorite actor. There story is similar to the Brian/Gabby PSY-OP crap about abusive women with pussy men and mental illness issues.

The family system has been corrupted so that you would instill garbage into the kids’ head.

People are controlled by money and time…money is fake and time doesn’t exist.

When demonic entity enters someone’s body, the person doesn’t have memory of it, and they do things without knowledge of it; person’s eyes look different, whether too dark, or just different from the actual person’s eyes. Drugs open up portal in one’s body so that demonic entity can enter and make the person do evil and corrupt acts. Demons whispering negative thoughts into one’s head? Just tell them to STFU and pray to God.

Third world countries are starving, and Zionist demonic elites are now taking away baby food.

Pray to God to rid demons. Prepare for the next lockdown.

When you get married, keep your own bank account and do your own work. It is best to remain independent, even when married.


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