Insights 5.17.21

Monday, May 17, 2021

She does a brief card reading with 3 different piles. Which pile do you resonate with more? As you read each pile, what insights do you get from each? I feel I relate more with the 2nd pile. I am not sure if the other two fit with my life. 

Pile 1: has to do with men in your family. Consult male person about what to do for career. then, you will take information to a different and new direction. Your ideas will take you traveling. You know how to handle information coming to you. You will communicate equally with men. Use heart chakra and self-love. Forgive those around you. Sacral chakra has to do with releasing, maybe digesting issues. You will go after what you want. Don’t swallow response. Speak your truth and set boundaries. Conversation should be reciprocal.

Pile 2: 4 of cups and Pleasure => what you thought you lost is coming back soon. Something happened in the last 4 months => kept you stuck in fear; you will get confidence back, and you won’t be stuck. Sacral chakra and fertility => fear of pregnancy or menopause. Throat chakra and creativity => speak it and you can create it. bring in creative energy through how you speak. Jupiter in Sagittarius in 9th House => natural position, higher learning, traveling to foreign countries, and thinking about outside of this realm. Will be greatly affected by the eclipse. Lots of changes.

Pile 3: struggle between work and fun. Reconstruct life to make work fun so you can work and have fun. Intuition and the 3rd eye => what are you see through the 3rd eye? Ask spirit to show you what you should observe you should do. Vulnerability and listening => listen and speak your truth without fear of being judged. Life Force has to do with expressing yourself authentically. Let guard down and becoming vulnerable with people in your life.


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