INSIGHTS 5.16.23

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


I went to the gym this morning. I mostly did a strengthening and stretching class, sauna and steam room, and did a little bit on this and that. The ticket barriers were out of order again. Someone came to let people through.

At 6:30pm, I went to the Woodbridge walking meetup. Eight people showed up. We took a detour on our walk because there was some construction going on. I ended up walking 4.1 miles, 2 floors, and 12,487 steps.

Hiking in Arizona. Voices of dead people lurking there? Sedona has dead energy? It sucks people’s energy to the ground? But it is for tourists. Chinese corporations taking over the area. Hotel in Grand Canyon. Mafia-looking hosts and other ethnic people, working via a visa.

Rose water and salt to clear energy?

Choking fetish during sex? Popular in porn? Sodomy or anal sex to hide behind a person’s energy.

Energy vampires are like the people in the movie, Doctor Sleep. It is like adrenochrome, which such Luciferians use as a fountain of youth by stealing the energy of youth.

Man has turned religion into a manmade cult to control the masses into submissive slaves. It is therefore better to worship God on your own because God is everywhere.

This summer, cash will become digital. Detach yourself from everything because they want to take anything you want away from you so that you don’t have anything.

Raise your vibrations by being of service to others.

Cocaine depletes dopamine in the brain, and you cannot be happy. You become an addict for the energy.

Correcting OCD or food issues, cardio workout brings endorphins into the brain.

Jamie Foxx might be getting cloned. He was trying to talk about something, and they are trying to silence him.


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