Insights 4.5.22

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

How do you define a female? Someone who can naturally reproduce because of real feminine body parts and internal organs that creates menstruation and pregnancy.

Dead body of a rapper paraded around in s strip club for public viewing? He was robbed and murdered after they took his stuff? Who is this rapper? It was similar to Weekend at Bernies. But at Washington DC’s Bliss Nightclub. Slain rapper Goonew was displayed on stage, at his own funeral, on Sunday, weeks after the hiphop rapper was shot dead at 24. Markelle Morrow was propped up on stage while others raved around him similar to an Irish wake. He was wearing a hoodie, bling watch, designer clothing, and crown. They charged people $40 to view his dead corpse. Black Fortune, a rapper, performed at the event. Even 50 Cents was shocked about this event. Many people were literally traumatized.

Boyfriend strangled his 18-year-old girlfriend, Amara, and shot her. It is all about obsessiveness and control. Mars-Saturn conjunction has to do with murder. The name Amara means deathless or immortal.

Bruce Willis is in hospice?

In Hinduism, people wear white at funerals.

They might sacrifice Bruce Willis next. It appears so, but who knows. Bruce was part of the dark cult club.

Tape everything on iPhone recorder when talking to police and others because you will likely be gaslighted. And make iPhone video recordings. Coroners lie and make up shit. There will be intentional distractions. They all have agendas and they are all liars. Get everything about the autopsy, including pictures and last 911 call.

Police are freemasons?

Someone commented, “Rogered?? what does that even mean about Hanks?” Well, Tom Hanks is related to Fred Rogers, and they are probably both in the dark cult, although Fred Rogers is dead, and Tom Hanks and his family are now in Greece, as Greek citizens, so that Tom avoids being charged with pedophilia in USA. All witnesses have their own agenda, and they are likely pathological liars.


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