Insights 4.27.22

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

April 30th—eclipse. On Saturday, the beginning of eclipse season. Solar eclipse in Taurus. Crazy energy, where people will say crazy things. Eclipses shift certain groups of people. Fixed signs will be shifted. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio are fixed signs. You will go back to the 2004 cycle. But you will have clear vision and clear hindsight.

Pluto Retrograde to slow or suspend the movement backwards. It is going retrograde until October 6th, in Capricorn. (Oh, damn. I have Moon in Capricorn).  Pluto Retrograde on Friday, April 29th in Capricorn. Issues that are compulsive and repetitive will worsen.

Mercury Retrograde on May 10th: lots of miscommunications.

What were you doing in 2004? Life might go back to that year? I don’t even remember that far back. I started working on my first novel in 2003, and I was editing it in 2004 as well as doing some blogging. I was 40 in 2004, and slimmer. I was attending lots of fashion parties and events, and enjoying my social life. Capricorn plans their strategies.

Beginning of eclipse season. Eclipse in Taurus.

Matte black nail polish.

Trial distractions all over the internet—Depp vs Heard and Kardashians vs black chyna—while Ghislaine the Pimp still isn’t in trial. These trials are staged by dark occult to keep people distracted from what is really going on in society. Just watch the Depp/Heard trial. It is more of a entertaining and inane comedy movie, filled with dark occult symbolism. 

Amber Heard acts like Johnny Depp’s humiliation handler. They are in a toxic relationship. Adrenochrome is from abused and tortured kids. Depp’s idol is Hunter S. Thompson. Don Johnson was best friends with Hunter Thompson. The movie, Ninth Gate, is a Polanski film about Hunter S. Thompson. It starred Johnny Depp as the book editor researching books to find the right one, co-written with Satan. 

Luciferians shit on household furniture. Danny Thomas is into that. So, Amber Heard shitting on their bed was Luciferian masonic symbolism. And, Johnny’s middle finger got cut off is phallic symbolism. I noticed black and white masonic floor somewhere in the penthouse during trial pictures. The writings on the mirrors in their bathroom looks very satanic in black paint and red lipstick as well as blue paint and red blood. blue and red are satanism symbolism. I also noticed that the trial is filled with dark occult masonic symbolism. Humiliation ritual? They are creating sides for people to follow, Depp vs Heard, similar to Republican vs Democrat, to get people to fight each other for their favorite side. The distraction from the economic crash in October 2022. They conjure up dark entities to help them do things. Luciferians are corrupt because they are into satanism and creating chaos on earth.

Video games are made to control people’s brain and distract people.

Opioids are synthetic heroin.


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