Insights 4.19.22

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Psychic Mindset

Animal astrology and their sign. Gumby D’Arcy was a Capricorn and Lelou Belle was probably a Pisces. DibbuLeo was Scorpio/Libra cusp, TinaLouise was Gemini, and Vivi-Anne was Pisces.

Johnny Depp is Double Gemini and Capricorn Rising. This trial between Johnny and Amber might be a distraction. Amber cut Johnny’s finger off? What a psycho! Most female celebrities fuck for money, house, and stuff from a famous male celebrity.

Traveling in one’s sleep? Lucid dreaming.

Astronauts pretend to go to training.

William Shatner killed his wife.

Metaphysical Store is an Occult Store.

A demon having sex with a woman? Rosemary’s Baby?

When have an orgasm, you leave your body. If you are thinking about something at the same time, then it is likely to happen.

Change relationship with food to eat what is right for your body type. Stay active and move.

Sex Magick—is about the intention while doing sex.

They might bring back masks in November 2022?

Art Kelly was a pimp for the elites, and he is friends with Oprah.


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