Insights 4.19.21

Monday, April 19, 2021

89 degrees in Los Angeles. 82 degrees in Irvine with bright and warm sunshine.

Fasting to change your vibration for 5 days. Dr. Schulze’s detox tea and herbal superfood plus as well as other detox products. Plant-protein dark chocolate shake. Chlorophyll tablets. Meditate to God for answers. Go out into nature.

When not blocked anymore, there is vivid dreams and little changes in body.

Place rose crystal in bra to keep away psychos.

Riots created by race wars, to divide people in different ways and create hatred between these different groups, which are promoted by media for the New World Order agenda. It will likely lead to a civil war in the future.

Nancy Pelosi’s brother did something in the masonic temple. When I googled it, I noticed her older brother died yesterday, April 18th, at 90. How many brothers does she have?

Fast food and frozen food are not good, and will likely lead to some kind of health problem, such as diabetics, heart issues, and other body problems.

Nicky Hilton married a Rothschild so she would be taken care of? I guess that means for money, even though her family also has money. Paris Hilton is working on her Empire.

Clintons had a Haiti Fund to abuse the kids there, which including sex trafficking.

5-day Fasting with vegan superfood powder, detox liver. and detox tea.

Some people cook the placenta to eat it? Such as stupid celebrities.

Crazy things happening in Canada? They are locking people down until they get papers to go out. Blackout and no internet for the New World Order…

The government will also take away cryptocurrency?


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