Insights 4.13.22

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

3-day detox herbal tea for spiritual cleansing.

140-degree infrared sauna. Meditating for an hour.

Britney Spears pregnant?

Mango seeds and papaya seeds for parasite cleanse.

Exercising controls anxiety issues.

Prophecy from the Bible is happening right now.

Bob Saget? The dark cult mafia took him down in his hotel room.

Gilbert Gottfried recently died at 67. He was the one that roasted Bob Saget about Bob raping a young girl. He is likely murdered.

In MK-Ultra, they use electric shock therapy to recalibrate the brain frequencies.

Astral Assassins.

“Sam I Am” is against God.

Emphatic people pick up on others energy easily, which can affect them. Natural born healers.

Clairaudience is clear hearing.

Claircognizant is clear knowledge.

Matt Damon movie, Hereafter, where he plays a male psychic? George Anderson.

Tiger’s Blood? Adrenochrome

Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction.

Sodomy Ritual starts at under age 4 for MK Ultra to traumatize kids and control them.

Children with sexual abuse are psychic because they are out of body.

Heather Locklear?

Easter is Satanic Holiday, where they are likely to do sacrifices. Easter = Ishtar.

Joel Olsteen is a weirdo?

Renee was Celine Dion’s Handler. He married her was she was 13 or 14, and he was twice her age.

Britney Spears’ husband is likely her handler.

Phil Collins? Jordan Peterson?

Spiritual War to opening up portals with low vibrations to bring in dark entities in the world. Entities hide behind humans’ bodies to make them so crap. The weather will continue to change. Similar to Spirit Cooking.


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