INSIGHTS 4.12.23

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


Cold and cloudy in California. I didn’t see blue sky today. The sky was completely cloudy white. I thought it might rain, but it didn’t.

Dalai Lama is a pedophile? It appears that all of these political leaders are into pedophilia, as well as many celebrities and actors. Such men are treated as false idols and gods. But there are just men and human, and therefore shouldn’t be treated as a deity of any form. Similar to catholic priest and other political figures.

I didn’t realize that woman, Mary Kay Letourneau, had died in 2020 from cancer. She was that elementary school teacher who had a sexual relationship with a twelve-year-old boy in her class, Vili Faulaau. She ended up marrying him and she had kids with him. She also has kids from her first husband. She was born Mary Katherine Schmitz on 1.30.62 in Tustin, California. She died on 7.6.20 in Des Moines, Washington at 58. Her first husband was Steve Letourneau, from 1984 to 1999, and her second husband was this kid, Vili Faulaau, from 2005 to 2019. But Vili moved with her when she got colorectal cancer, and took care of her until She died. she was in prison for 7.5 years because of 2nd degree rape of a minor. She had six kids, three with her first husband and three with her minor husband. She was raised a strict roman catholic in Orange County, California. What a fucked-up life! She also came from a military family, and it was some sort of Psy-Op to groom her young kid husband, like her bitch.

P. Diddy is gay, and he is involved in grooming and money theft.

Mercury Retrograde is on the way, in Taurus. It will last until May 15th. Weird energy currently going on, and I am feeling it, which is slowing me down. But I am trying to move on and forward. Eclipse season involves more portals opening and more twisted things happening.

Political figures all work for the Zionist-occupied government. Agenda 2030. And, the Royal Family in England are Reptilians.

Potholes are all over southern California streets.


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