Insights 4.1.22

Friday, April 1, 2022

Downtown LA—to file wrongful death lawsuit. $480 to file a lawsuit?

Plant-based Nutrition Shake? Soylent at Cost Co; there is a 1973 movie, Soylent Green.

Kid working at Cost Co had vampire fangs?

When talking to dead family and friends, they are not really death. They are just living in another dimension.

It takes one hour to drive 13 miles in downtown LA.

Will Smith is gay, and Jada is his beard. Willow Smith has a weird music video with shaved head and demonic acts. Jada is a lesbian. Jada looks demonic.

Bruce Willis has a brain disease, and beginning of dementia.

Sigil Music used in some rap music. They taped the sound of a murder, and use it in music. The person unconsciousness is affected by this movie. Sigil Magick is intentional collection of energy hidden in plain sight. An intention behind a ritual. The more people who buy it, the more power the intention will have on the public. 2 griffins under the British Crest. When they shove someone’s death down people’s throats, they are trying to raise the energy.

All darkness is coming to light?

Will Smith-Chris Rock act was likely to be a humiliation ritual?

Marilyn Manson backstage?

90% of what’s on television is fake.

Doris Day is satanic and did black magick.

Phyllis Diller? How long have she been dead…


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