Insights 3.8.22

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Today is National Women’s Day. Someone sent me something about it on WhatsApp.

Are people gay because of their past life?

Yeah, Las Vegas is filled with Zionist Mafia. But many people who work there are friendly and nice.

Zeolite is good to remove negative toxins to cleanse kidney and liver area.

For depression, exercise for at least 20 minutes per day, and choose to be happy.

Shungite Elite stone. Garment removes childhood issues.  Obsidian allows you to change your life. Tourmaline. Moldavite. Turquoise is elevated crystal. Amethyst is elevated crystal. Smoky Quartz. Peridot.

Gasoline prices have increased. $4.19/gallon in WV, $4.75/gallon in Chicago, over $6 in LA, and over $5 in Irvine, California. $3.59 in Arkansas, $3.50 in VA. $4.17 in NJ.

Apple cider vinegar aligns the body.

Bay Leaves are good for money.


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