Insights 3.6.22

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sean Penn in Ukraine? WTF? Drug addict on Adrenochrome? He always shows up at certain intentionally destroyed countries, such as Haiti and Ukraine.

Coconut oil is good for your mouth and teeth.

That sounds good. People get the face they deserve at age 50. I look in my 30s at 50, which is a good sign for me.

Madonna had a weird surgery, in which they placed a different face on her face.

Death Becomes Her movie involves women obsessed with plastic surgery and a magical drink of fountain of youth—which is likely to be adrenochrome. Their body falls apart, but they are still alive and kicking, as people their age die off.

Witchcraft and doing spells on others are not good because it messes up with people’s energies, and things won’t happen naturally, like it is supposed to be. To freeze someone’s energy, put their name on piece of paper, and place the paper in the freezer.

Oswald murdered his wife because she was writing a book about him?

Brian Singer? Another fucked up person, whoever he is.

Joel Osteen is crap.

The USA/Russian War over Ukraine is a distraction from vaccines?

Fabio and Lorenzo Llamas modeled shirtless.

John Belushi was part Albanian.

Cher is half Armenian and half Cherokee/French/Irish.

This post appears to be insights on crazy celebrities and their weird lifestyles.


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