Insights 3.4.22

Friday, March 4, 2022

Living in the 3rd dimension and a need to ascend to 4th and 5th dimension. 3rd dimension is about staying to the earth life.  Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and wanting material things. Be happy and do what makes you happy. Depend on God for your needs, not the media, government, or politics. Take care yourself, live your life to the fullest, and eat healthy.  To raise your vibration, find your joy in life. Finding this joy involves detaching from negative people and negative energy because negativity is toxic, pulling your energy down to their level of toxicity.

Deal with your trauma in order to help yourself quit your toxic addictions. Addictions are just a form of self-medication to make yourself feel better about yourself or your life, but it is only temporary satisfaction. You need to fix the issue in order to stop the addiction.

Forgive everyone and move on.

Nature raises your vibration. Go out for a nature hike or meditate in nature. The earth will heal you. 

Meanwhile, I didn’t go to his evening’s walking meetup because it wasn’t posted on the meetup site earlier, in which I wasn’t able to sign up. I went grocery shopping instead. And, around 6:23pm, I noticed there was suddenly a walking meetup, which was too late because I had already changed my clothes into my nightgown and slippers. They must have posted it last minute, which was too late for me. 

I made other plans for Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. 


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