Insights 3.30.22

Wednesday, 3.30.22

 fortune cookies 1, 2, & 3 (I decided to pick 1 before they read the fortune for each). I haven’t had a fortune cookie in a long time. 

3. good luck in personal affairs.

2. people are delighted by your presence.

1. you are a fun-loving person and you will find much happiness. (Sound cool…)

Magnetic lashes? Fake Lily Lashes (I have never tried false lashes. I should try them sometime to see what they are like). 

Cute peacock at the front door. Money, success, and good luck? There were four peacocks on the road? I hope they were safe.

Makeup, crocs with fur, jelly sandals. (I have jelly shoes from the 90s and UGG clogs with fur, as well as mixed makeup brands). 


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