Insights 3.30.21

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

NIKES’ new sneakers with satanic symbolism, promoted by Lil Nas X. Google Nikes new satanic sneakers and Lil Nas X. check it out because it looks creepy, and they are promoting it to kids because I have never heard of Lil Nas X. Miley Cyrus bought a pair. There is blood attached to the shoes? It probably has to do with blood sacrifice rituals. Lil Nas X is gay.

Vaccine Passport in LA? They are trying to force people into the vaccine or they will not be able to do many things in society. They will have to live with bunch of restrictions. People without the Vaccine Passport will live as second-class citizens.

The gas tax just raises Americans’ taxes.

I wonder which one is Native deodorant. I mostly use Tom’s of Maine or JASON products.

The Mexican border is now open, and they have kids in cages for child trafficking. Elites are into these kids because kids don’t have any voice, and the elites need them to elongate their lifespan.


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