Insights 3.28.22

Monday, March 28, 2022

There is security at the Oscars. No one can do any crap there and get away with it. Everything is planned and scripted for entertainment purposes.

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy was a fake relationship. James Dean was gay. Hugh Hefner was CIA operative and gay.

Oregano oil is good for sinus infection.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is still out there…has to do with pedophilia and child trafficking…

Ellen DeGeneres and Pizza delivery at the Oscars? Pedophilia, adrenochrome, child trafficking, etc.

Flu shot promotion at the Oscars? I remember that. It was annoying, pushing it on the public.

Men in suits? Accountants, lawyers, mafia, head of studios, etc. Shirley Temple performed with bunch of men. Elvis Pressley married 14-year-old Priscilla. John Travolta likes teenage boys. Warren Beatty’s older daughter is a trannie named Stephen.

Electric shock therapy on actors who doing what they are supposed to in order to reprogram them as puppets.

Liza Minelli was married to gay man. Her father was gay. Marlon Brando was also gay. OJ’s father is a crossdresser.

Enlarged heart? Most likely doing drugs, fat, or even got the vaccine.

Wendy Williams has had electric shock therapy for her depression issues. Wells Fargo has conservatorship over her bank account. Someone in the bank is her handler who sold her out.

Women who don’t wear underwear?

Marilyn Monroe died with only $5000 in her bank account and she didn’t own her house. Lawyers sold her estate after her death.

Taylor Hawkins belonged to a gang? He was likely murdered because he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing. Taylor died at 50.

Dead celebrities are used when they were sold out. Their energy is bound to the earth so that they can make more money off them when they kill them off.  They are sold into perpetuity so that they can make money off them when they are dead.

The fake, staged, and scripted scene between Will Smith and Chris Rock was ridiculously inane for publicity at this year’s Oscars. Will attacked Chris on stage for saying something ridiculous.  It was all a distraction. Will Smith is gay. Jada is a lesbian and a pimp. Gay actors and their beards.

Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn?

Freemasons and their cults to do pedophilia and child trafficking.

JonBenet was bred, raised and groomed to be a Luciferian sacrifice. She was placed in child porn with her father’s friends. The Ramsays were Luciferians. The parents knew exactly what happened, but they created a big story in the media for the masses. Ramsays were friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Burke is mind-controlled.

They can take part of one’s DNA and clone it to create someone who looks like that person.

Transhumanism? Tricking people into going out of consciousness via playing video games. Consciousness is moved dimensionally into higher level, and the Luciferians capture it and use people as characters in this life. They need people’s energy to hide behind. Consciousness exists after the body dies.

Put heads on a stick? Reminds me of Lord of the Flies when they put that pig’s head on a stick, and flies were all over it. they do it as a warning not to uprise.

Pfizer sponsored the Oscars 2022.


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