Insights 3.23.21

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Technical Youtube Computer issues, such as buffering, lagging, and glitching. Please Stand By…

Reading Astrological Chart: South Node is where you start from, and North Node is your destination. You are supposed to be like the North Node, which is achievement. This is about reading your own chart. So, when people arrive at their North Node, and achieved everything they wanted to, then they pass on to the other side.

Psychic abilities shift daily, just as people’s energy levels shift daily.

Ground yourself in nature to connect with the earth better. Consider doing yoga outside, barefooted.

Real psychics are born with their abilities and fake psychics are con artists.

Parallel Universes?

Licensing nature to control people and take more money?

My life path is 11. My house life path is 9.  You can change your inside of your house life path to another number that you prefer by buying that number from stores like Home Depot, and placing it over your door, from the inside of the house.


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