INSIGHTS 3.20.23


Monday, March 20, 2023

The first day of springtime. It was cloudy with light rain throughout the day, but mostly dry. At six, it sprinkled for five minutes. But it stopped, and my walking meetup was able to walk two hours through the UCI campus. It was kind of busy but the dormitories were quiet.

On March 20th, there are open portals for future; say positive affirmations.

The New Moon in Aries is on Tuesday, March 21. Take action.

Amanda Bynes comes from Luciferian Illuminati family. She was recently placed on psychiatric hold for roaming the streets naked? I wonder if she is back in a mental institution to get help. She is probably having a psychotic breakdown, with split personalities. She has similar issues like Britney Spears. Amanda was MK-Ultra-ed.

The Beast System religion involves Luciferians, Freemasons, and satanists.

The Spiritual War has already been won by people who worship God, and the satanists are still struggling to control the people. Bush Sr. was into young boys in the White House.

When adults have sex to kids, it opens portals and chakras in the children, and allows demons to enter them and control their mind. They are demonically possessed. The mentally ill talk to people, but it is a spiritual thing. Rape fragments their mind. Robert Durst of Dupont is demonic. Michael Jackson was raped by his father, which made him the way he was. Anderson fucking Cooper comes from a Luciferian family, as well.

Bruce Willis had dementia.  Randy Quaid is exposing the truth about Star Wackers, and his brother Dennis Quaid wants to take all of Randy’s money.

Ray Combs? Born on April 3, 1956 in Ohio. June 2, 1996. He was found hanging in his closet, in the hospital, while guards were on their coffee break.

Energy drinks are bad for one’s health because it has weird ingredients.

JonBenet Ramsay was ritually sacrificed. She was placed in pornography with pedophiles because her parents are Luciferians.

Nipsey Hussle was a hit. He was murdered.

Tiny Dancer is a gay man with a small penis…

At the garment district in LA, the homeless people are like the walking dead talking to themselves in the street.

Bob Saget was a pedophile. John Stamos cannot get it up. Maybe that is why his marriage didn’t last with Rebecca Romijn.

A soul trap? Being controlled by something? Vaccines? Censoring TikTok and Youtube videos?

Human meat in McDonald’s burgers.

Michael J. Fox?

Michael Jackson rehearsing Thriller? A man in a suit, in the middle of the video? The man is doing incantations and Satanic hand gestures at Michael Jackson.


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