Insights 3.14.22

Monday, March 14, 2022

Kanye West is under MK-Ultra. He is triggered to do stuff. He knows everything going on because he signed up for it when he became a celebrity. He is also into adrenochrome. Kanye is gay, which is why he divorced Kim Kardashian.

Tom Brady drinks adrenochrome. I am not surprised. He sucks anyway. Gisele is just as creepy.

Everything in the media is a form of distraction from politics, such as the USA/Russia war, Ukraine propaganda, etc.

When you sell out, you will always be tortured, controlled and used as their puppets.

Britney Spears being raised in a satanic family and in satanic rituals, which isn’t surprising because she is a total whack job. I think it makes sense why she is crazy. The satanists made her that way to groom her as their puppet.

Everyone has information, even people you don’t like. It is best to keep quiet and listen to their perspective because they are likely to be informing you about something.

At the present moment, the energy is colliding. Raise your vibration by doing whatever makes you happy and joyful. The “veil” is the six inches between you and “the entities.”

Astral traveling and lucid dreaming.

To open up psychic abilities, ask Guides for 3 weeks. 10-minute meditation and outside exercises.

Eating healthy fats, B Vitamins, and vegetarian proteins are important. My favorite healthy fats are avocado, mixed nuts, and sometimes animal milk products.

No food before meditation, which is why it is important to fast while meditating in order to receive information from the other side.

Jodi Arias? Some psycho who killed her ex-boyfriend. Never heard of her…

Matcha Green Tea, Cacao, Rose Water, etc.

Heidi Montag promoting eating the raw heart of a bison is Illuminati promotion, like in Rosemary’s Baby.

What can you do to not feel negativity around you? Ask Guides to block negativity shit. Don’t go to certain places where there are many energies. People get possessed when they open their energy field…drugs, liquor, weed, depression, fears, anxiety; some people summon demon to help them do things. Be careful who you interact with. Be happy and live your life.

Black magic on you? Many flies by your window sills. Gnats, wasps, around you. Start fighting with people close to you. There are black shadows around you. Someone is focusing negative energy on you. Black Magic causes chaos, car issues, etc, because someone is focusing negative energy on you.

Occult means practice in secret, like what the Illuminati thinks they are doing.


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