Insights 3.13.22

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Eating raw hearts and raw flesh of animals? Ate the heart of a bison? Heidi Montag snacks on bison heart as a part of her raw meat diet. She poses on Instagram, promoting raw meat and animal organ diet as a healthy diet that has done wonders for her health. She also eats raw liver, which reminds me of Rosemary’s Baby. She is now expecting her second child with her husband Spencer Pratt. She is now 35 years old. I am assuming she is carrying a baby via satanic ritual, but who knows with these mental celebrities. I remember stories about her from when she was on the reality show, The Hills, and she later got plastic surgery to chisel her face into perfection. Since she was average looking before, and I think she achieved what she wanted from her plastic surgery on her face, even though I am not into her look.

Many celebrities do face lifts, as well as other ways to preserve and maintain their youth.

Blue Lotus tea opens psychic channels and clears energy.

Artist topless on their movie cover—the late Prince. It was on I want to be Your Lover.  The Music Industry prostitutes artists as their slaves.

Agents are for an established artist. Managers helps artists get jobs. A lawyer is needed to make sure agents and managers aren’t taking advantage of you and your work because contracts can trick you into doing things you don’t want to do.

William Hurt recently died at 71. He got kicked out of Hollywood because he beat his wife. He was born on March 20, 1950 in Washington DC.  He had cancer. He died on March 13, 2022 in Portland, Oregon. He was married twice and he had three partners. He had 4 children. He has a BA from Tufts University and GrDip from Juilliard School. He was a good actor.

Bob Hope was an Illuminati handler, and he wasn’t a good person. I knew people who were his neighbors in Hollywood Hills. He lived in the same neighborhood that Henry Winkler resides. I remember walking in that neighborhood and seeing their big homes.

Barack Obama, or Barry Soetoro, has Covid?

Worked in strip clubs in California and Florida, bicoastal jobs, jet-setting between two states. Ramada Inn at Fort Lauderdale. Dollhouse at Orlando, Florida. Lived in a house with 11 other women and a house mistress. 11 girls walking out on stage, and each doing their own performance on stage. She worked with Leah Remini’s half-sister, who was a stripper as well. Leah Remini’s half-sister was her roommate. Side Hustle job between stripper and psychic reader.

There are no beauty standards nor particular look in a strip club. It is all about the energy and personality. Each stripper has her own body, with different sized breasts and different body types. There are lots of addicts and dark energy in the strip clubs.

LA strip club owner guilty of murdering 89 people. Santa Ana Court.

Attractive man during 70s and 80s, who frequented at strip clubs with a briefcase filled with pills. He dated a young and small Italian stripper named Bridget. This man was 6 ft 5 mulatto, who hired young Caucasian girls to serve him topless. He was eventually murdered in a mafia hit by a business partner. Tiffany as a stripper name.

Some strippers are floaters, moving around at different strip clubs for different jobs.

In Beach Fever, she was the bikini girl, starring with Kato Kaelin and OJ Simpson. Stacy Winger and Ava Berman were the Bikini Girls in the movie.

California clubs look like ghetto clubs, compared to the clubs all over the world. Strippers have to serve drinks topless.

By the third song, thong come off while stripping.

After stripping ended at 23, she worked in a restaurant. Her husband opened a restaurant, and they worked together.

The veil is very thin. The Pluto Return is occurring right now. Ides of March? The elites are creating propaganda about Ukraine to create fears on the masses. They will continue spreading inaccurate information to further mess with people’s head. Different people will believe different information. In LA, gasoline prices have reached almost $7. But it become very clear, very fast what they are really promoting. You will notice that some people around you are off, who is really your friend or who doesn’t like you. There will be more bullshit illnesses in the future. They will tell you that you have some illness you don’t really have to intentionally make you sick. They are putting all kinds of bullshit in your head. Concentrate and focus on what you are grateful for. Cleaning supplies will suddenly disappear in the grocery stores. More shortages coming. People turn into tattletales. Don’t tell people around you everything because some idiots, even if you know them, will use it against you. Keep your gas tank full. Pay attention who is around you. Don’t trust people who just pop up and want to help with shit.

Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th.

Astral Assassins 101 by Sophia on TikTok. She has accurate information about astral world.

Healer Barbie is a Quantum Jumper. She is on TikTok.

They put someone in psych ward to silence him, claiming he is suicidal, but they will actually kill him off. Jessie Suarez. They put him under MK-Ultra to make him go crazy because he isn’t crazy. They might kill him on the Full Moon night. He was programmed to do stuff under MK-Ultra. They might hang him. Be on the looking out for sudden deaths this week, during the full moon sacrifice week. He was born on June 21st with Gemini moon and Gemini Rising. Triple Gemini.

Hot Child in the City, homeless and running wild?


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