Thursday, February 9, 2023

Pamela Anderson is now being used for distraction. It is about the stolen sex video that Pamela and Tommy Lee made. It is a distraction for Michelle Obama AKA Michael Robinson running for office in 2024 as well as pushing the N.W.O. Agenda 2030. Michael Robinson or Michelle Obama will likely win.

Lisa Marie Presley’s death was obviously not a natural death. She was murdered for her money and estate.

The 65th Grammys involved promoting satanism on stage, with Sam Smith dressed like a red devil and Kim Petras, the German transgender female singer, inside a cage, and they sang the song, Unholy. Madonna, the High Priestess, continues her weird face surgeries to maintain her youth. She looks like the Baphomet with her new face. Grammys promoted Pfizer.

JFK Jr and GEORGE Magazine on Jay Leno in 1998. JFK Jr, his wife, and her sister were intentionally murdered in that plane crash. Monica Lewinsky wrote a letter to GEORGE Magazine when she was a kid, talking being passed around like pizza at parties.

Shrink Anthony Kidman was convicted for child hunting charges. He then went to Singapore, and he was murdered there, like many others before him.

Tom Hanks got Isaac Kappy killed.

Psychic is prophetic—which enables them to see, feel, and hear things, allowing them to predict things, Medium can connect to the energy of someone who has died and moved to the other side. Intuition and psychic sensitivity can be developed, but it is hard to develop psychic abilities to predict the future.

Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity is about CIA and MK-Ultra mind control.

Virgos are anal perfectionists.

Tiger’s Blood = adrenochrome; Charlie Sheen had mentioned drinking Tiger’s Blood.

John Belushi likes to extract blood while having sex capades.  Hunter S. Thompson was the third man in the threesome with John Belushi. They did adrenochrome together. It is all in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where his close friend, Johnny Depp portrays the Hunter character into adrenochrome, pedophilia, drugs, and alcohol.

Saturn Return will occur soon, as well as Pluto in Aquarius.

The Idaho Four Murders by Bryan Kohberger is government and dark cult related for distractions. Bryan K. is a weaponized, mind-controlled killer, the government’s scapegoat. His father was in the military. The military did MK-Ultra on his son to groom him into doing this for distraction. He actually reminds me of Brian Laundrie, who also looks like dark cult related puppet. I also feel Gabby Petito was also involved in dark cult with Brian. But she probably didn’t want to do whatever they were doing on Youtube, and she couldn’t quit. So, Brian had to take her out, and he was later taken out. Meanwhile, they distracted many people with their stupid distractions as a long and annoying Youtube movie that I couldn’t watch. I think they are all the same, but different puppet or pathetic people chosen to do this crap in order to distract people from what’s going on behind the scenes.


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