Insights 2.27.22

Sunday, February 27, 2022

I woke up at around 10am, and decided to go to the 11am book meetup at another local park because the weather looks nice outside. The discussed the book, Don’t Feed the Monkey’s Mind, which is about dealing with anxiety. I wanted to check out the discussion before I decide if I want to get the book, and I realized this book isn’t useful for my situation.

I was back home at 12:30pm, and I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood as well as to the UTC, which was busy today. I ended up walking 1.7 miles and 4,509 steps today, which isn’t much. I walk more on the walking meetups and on the treadmill.

March is Pisces month.

In Living Color tv show, starring Wayan brothers and Jim Carey, is about rituals because they dressed in drag for entertainment purposes.

Sean Penn is now in Ukraine, promoting deep state propaganda. Bethany Frankel is also there. They are likely taking the kids for child trafficking, like in Haiti and Katrina disaster. Ukrainian President was a comedian. He is seen promoting the double devil horns. Ukraine is already Russia. So, this war doesn’t make sense.

Some girl named Caitlyn Avril Murray Carr is missing and she is likely sex-trafficked. She was born 9.22.92; she was abducted. She was 2l, but she is probably around 30 now. She is Canadian.

John of God had a place in Sao Paolo, Brazil for sex trafficking. He went to prison on 12.18.18.

Celebrities become famous from child trafficking and pedophilia.

Laura Silsby worked for the Clintons in the Haiti’s orphaned kids used for pedophilia and child trafficking. She ends up being found dead.

Seeing your birthday numbers has to do with being aligned with the energy. Yeah, I do see 819 a lot on the digital time.

Oprah and Gail are lesbian lovers, which is very obvious because Stedman looked like Oprah’s beard, not a husband material.

Spirit cooking involving calling in a demonic entity, and placing it inside an object.

Penis and vagina candles are used to bind people. They are sold in occult shops. They work through the intentions placed on them.

Crystals have intentions.

Moonstone affects one’s moods, during menstruation and menopause.

Obsidian will unblock everything.

Smoky Quartz protects from Psychic Attacks.

Rose Quartz and Lapis are good for love and marriage.

Tourmaline and Selenite are good for psychic attack protection.


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