Insights 2.25.22

Friday, February 25, 2022

Today, I went to Woodbridge Walking meetup early because I want to return a bag of dry cat food to Grocery Outlet. I hadn’t opened yet, and my cat Gumby had died on midnight February 8th at 22. It was dry food for indoor cats, which he was. I got $7 cash back during my return. It was cold this evening, although it was sunny and nice earlier. I met an older man by the coffee shop, while waiting for the meetup group. We were chatting about writing and poetry. 9 people showed up for the walking meetup, and 2 other people quit. I was walking ahead most of the time because I was fast, while the rest were lagging behind. I often stopped and waited. I noticed the days are getting longer because the sky gets dark at 6pm. Anyway, I ended up walking 4.6 miles and 12,507 steps on this walk. I returned home at 8:30pm to eat a snack. I checked out some youtube videos.

President of Ukraine is an actor, playing the president of Ukraine. This war with Russia is a distraction from the Spiritual War. What drug is in Ukraine? Poppies, opium, and lithium.

The Deep State Demonic people are trying to speed up the timeline to mess up people by slightly shifting the timeline and making people lose their balance. They want people to go crazy and die to screw with them. They also use frequency and tone to shift people’s consciousness. It is a part of the Spiritual War to keep people from keeping up with the energy. Harnessing people’s energy to enslave them—Agenda 2030.

Whatever you hear on the media, do the opposite.

The Zionist vampire elites need brown-skinned kids for their adrenochrome as well as their dark-skinned kids’ energy gives them more power.

Maps underground where they have stolen brown-skinned babies and kids for sex trafficking, abuse, cannibalism, and adrenochrome.

Sean Penn was in Haiti, which is likely he was involved with sex trafficking of dark-skinned kids. He is now in Ukraine, involved with this distraction war with Russia.

John Carey married Heinz heir for her money.

This Spiritual War is done on the astral level. And the government wants to keep the public in fear so that they remain dependent on the government as well as keeping people in low vibration.

Tony Podesta is a Luciferian Satanist who took Madelaine McCann.

Bob Saget was murdered. Someone had bashed him on the back of his head, which killed him to silence him. He is a part of the cult, which is how they got their jobs.

Isaac Kappy didn’t say anything new. I was aware of the info he was trying to expose.

Joan Rivers sacrificed her husband.

Britany Spears is born in a Luciferian family, and the crap she does to her fans as a form of distraction.

Anderson Cooper is a fucktard cunt.

They will try to erase the public’s mind.


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