Insights 2.21.22

Monday, February 21, 2022

Justin Castro is terrorizing peaceful protestors for their protests to silence them. Agenda 2030 is happening in Canada. Justin is a pedo.

Prince Andrew has 72 teddy bears, and he manifested energies into these teddy bears. There is a demonic energy in each teddy bear.

They did a satanic ritual on Princess Di. Diana was from an illuminati Luciferian family, which is why she was chosen to marry Prince Charles, like a celebrity set-up marriage. She was sacrificed when she was intentionally murdered, with her boyfriend.

Madonna’s new baby-face look at 63? She looks like she is wearing contact lens to lighten her hazel eyes.

Yeah, I remember in the 80s, they were marketing Cindy Crawford as Baby Gia.

Tuesday, February 22nd is 2.22.22, which could be a portal to the other side. This day might be a breakdown of society.

Lots of celebrities do invitro, surrogates and adoption of dark-skinned kids from other country only to invert them to other sex and use these kids later for rituals. They are all fucked up in the brain.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite. No wonder she is fucking fugly.

Justin and Pierre Trudeau are gay and pedo, which is why Justin’s last name is really Castro. His mother probably had an affair with swinger Fidel and they created Baby Castro, who was groomed to screw up Canadians for the New World Order Agenda.

#1 Insights

Pluto Return connects to one’s career, which could create something negative in your career. You are also likely to hang out with gang-like people. Pluto will fracture and break your ego so you will transform and elevate you elsewhere. New World has to do with Agenda 2030 and New World Order agenda. New Age is total bullshit for people who promote New World Order agenda. During the Pluto Return, certain problematic things will return into your life, creating havoc in your life. Don’t be attached to anything, and don’t be attached to the past. Just live in the present moment and enjoy the present moment. No wonder I am currently experiencing irritable bloating issues, which is making me feel nervous and creating anxiety in my stomach. I have been experiencing this since Full Moon in Leo, which was on February 16th and weird things have been happening all week for me. Therefore, it is better to remain neutral during the Pluto Return. Don’t be attached to anything for long term purposes. Pluto can create aggression and being opinionated. Fighting with oppositions. Your foundation and belief system might be affecting. Family issues will be intense as well as communications with others. Pluto in the 4th means something out of control. You might find out family secrets that you don’t really want to know about. 5th is about creativity, which can be intense. There will be a power struggle. Pluto in 6th => a sudden change in your physical condition and health, which is in Capricorn. (I have Capricorn moon). There will be a change. Pluto in 7th involves marriage power struggles and partnership struggles. Pluto in 8th involves sex industry or kinky people into sexual experimentation. Sexual issues about conforming or not conforming? Pluto in 9th involves has to do with homeland or uprooting of educational ideas. It has to do when you aren’t in your natural environment. It makes you want to go into a different direction. Changing your education, homelife, and where you are traveling. Pluto in the 10th involves career, and it will uproot you from your career, which will affect activists and truthers. Pluto in 11th involves having lots of gangster friends or having dangerous friends. Pluto in 12th involves uprooting of past lives contacts and secret enemies in this life.

#2 My Zodiac Calculation

I decided to use a Zodiac Sign calculator for fun. It stated I am born under the Leo sign with 26 degree, 32’, 08”. I also have a Libra personality. Zodiac Sign Personality (remote)I'm Libra. Libra is the artist, the peacemaker, the compromiser and the diplomat. Libra is here to promote harmonious relationships. Libra is gracious, fair-minded and cooperative. Libra has a quick mind and loves to process information by reading books. Libra is sociable, lovable and desires the company of their friends. Libra loves to live with fine art, paintings and music. Libra is relationship-oriented and desires to live in peace and harmony with others. Libra is an air sign. Libra needs to work on decisiveness and standing up for their opinions.

Date of Birth (local time):19 August 1964 - 00:35 (BST, DST) Universal Time (UT/GMT):18 August 1964 - 23:35 Local Sidereal Time (LST):21:11:36House system:Placidus systemLatitude, Longitude:55°57'N, 3°12'WCity:Edinburgh Country:United Kingdom United Kingdom (GB)

Moreover, I also have Gemini-Rising and Capricorn Moon.

Now, I am getting confused. Sun in Leo, Gemini-Rising, Capricorn Moon, and Libra Personality.


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