INSIGHTS 2.20.23


Monday, February 20, 2023

February 20th is New Moon in Pisces. A good year of people born under Pisces sign because 2023 is year of the water rabbit, and Pisces is a water sign.

Tom Sizemore had a brain aneurysm.

Lisa Marie Presley—has lots of money as well as is the daughter of Elvis. Many people are after her money and Elvis’ estate, which led to her untimely death, because money is power and they want Elvis’ power via his money and estate. Priscilla Presley thinks money is her god. She worships it because she probably has a void in her life. Lisa Marie was born because of the deal that her father, Elvis, had made to become famous. Elvis was likely gay as well as a pedophile. Priscilla comes from a military family, which is how he met at her 14 and married her. Elvis has another daughter, Deborah Presley Brando. Lisa Marie was born in a sold-out family. Her son died 7.15.20, in which he was likely suicided. He is Lisa Marie’s only son, and he would have likely been the trustee of her will. 

Bruce Willis’ condition is getting worse.

Gay actors and their paid beards. Jada and Will Smith are both gay, but their marriage is for show, for convenience and business.

Women are portals, bringing in babies via pregnancy?

Twitch was murdered by Ellen’s Team.

East Palestine, Ohio? Moscow, Idaho? All symbolism in the media for what is going on behind the scenes. East Palestine in the Middle East is now called East Israel. There is likely to be changes in Moscow, Russia right now, most likely politically.

John Travolta fucked men? Elon is son of Werner Van Braun?

UNICEF is a scam. I felt that when I was a kid, when they had their stupid commercials, begging people for their money, which wasn’t likely used to help any third world country. Do not donate, but it is all a scam to steal your money, and prepare for your future in fema camps as a slave.

Bill Gates now owns all of America’s land, to control what’s in the food supply.

Chemical spills in Chicago? Contaminate the water? Water issues again during year of the water rabbit.

Southern California will have rain on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I noticed that on the TV’s weather forecast at the gym this morning. That is what I predicted. Year of the Water Rabbit is all about water, and there is likely to be lots of rain this year as well as water disasters, such as flooding. 

Agenda 2030

Lavender marriage and Cisgender are new vocabulary for me; lavender marriage is a fake marriage between a gay man and his beard wife. Cisgender is identifying in the same gender you were born with.


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