Insights 2.17.21

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The cornyflu plandemic will never end because it is a part of their New World Order agenda…but everyone needs to unite together and stand up to them, telling them enough is enough.

Zionist Facebook strikes again with controlling people.

It is easier for dead people to talk to you in dream state.

It is a good idea to keep a dream journal for dream analysis in order to understand what it is communicating…

True, that religion is a manmade organization to control people. But God, Jesus, and other prophets aren’t manmade. God the Creator is real. Jesus was created by God as the Messiah with young virgin girl. And, prophets communicate with God via meditation in order to better communicate to the people about teach about God to others.

My snapshot that I added is from the outdoor gym at Costa Mesa Metro 24 Hr. Fitness inside the parking garage structure, looking out at construction workers building…the trees look nice, as well as the light blue sky and the snow-covered mountains fading in the background.


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