Insights 2.16.22

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Canadians fighting against their PM Justin Castro’ domestic terrorism. Justin Castro is Baby Castro because Pierre Castro was gay.

butterflies represent the separation of energy to be removed from their families, like traumatized MK-Ultra slaves. That is why the victims have been dissociated to have alters.

Morgan Freeman dated his granddaughter. But they weren’t blood related.

Bono was responsible for Chester Bennington’s murder.

Jumping timelines? I don’t understand that stuff. I just have interesting dreams that feel like astral traveling. Yeah, lucid dreaming is fun. I think that is what I did in my dream to afterlife.

Jared Leno is with Illuminati dark cult.

Yeah, Betty White was a cunt who says all kinds of garbage, but promotes herself as animal activist to make herself look good so that idiots can follow her.

Bob Saget’s contract was sold. They picked up on his contract and his time was already picked. They used him as their actor until his time was up, and they took him out. It is a mafia cult. He was murdered, and other profited off him—such as agents, managers, family and other industry people.

Many celebrities are better off dead than alive because the industry can make more money off them when dead than alive, like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and other big celebrities who have a large fan club.

Celebrities are demon-possessed, into adrenochrome, cannibalism, and child abuse.

Kanye is abusive and narcissist, abusing Kim to controlling her.


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