INSIGHTS 2.13.23


Monday, February 13, 2023

Many people are feeling drained these days, often slowing down and taking naps, probably due to the negative energy floating around. I have also been feeling drained and slowing down these days. But I still go out and do stuff, such as gym workouts, meetups, and local events because I need to live and enjoy my life.

Madonna is a puffy-faced demonic High Priestess. I think she is starting to look like the Baphomet in her old age. 

In this year’s Superbowl, Rihanna was dressed in all red. She performed satanic ritual. Rihanna is satanist.

Puffer style clothes? Many people have them for winter. I have a puffy jacket, as well as an old puffy vest from the 80s. I also have an old puffy ski jacket from 80s.

Whoever is nasty when young will get dementia when they are old?

Michael J. Fox is 61 years old from Edmonton, Canada.

Rihanna and Britney Spears’ babies are recycled?

Barbara Bush is related to Aleister Crowley. Barbara Bush’s fetus in a jar is about a ritual sacrifice.

Aaron Carter was murdered, like many others in the water portal ritual sacrifice called the bathtub.

Trump likes eating McDonalds. He feeds his guests McDonalds, and it is likely to have human meat. Bill Gates bought all the farms in America. He isn’t a computer programmer. He is a businessman—he buys and sells to make money.

Nancy Mace took the vaccine, and she is now having heart problems. She argues with Ms. Vijaya Gadde, attorney, about the vaccines.

Charles Manson worked for the government and CIA via grooming to assassinate certain people, which is why the media made him famous, continually interviewing him like some fucktard celebrity until his death in prison. I wonder if this maggot had his own luxury suite in prison. 

Welcome to Satan’s Playground



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