Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Vedic vs Western Astrology vs Chinese Astrology 2023 Water Rabbit vs Vietnamese Year of the Cat

February 5th is Full Moon in Leo; It can be a very emotional time, which has to do with money. You will turn everything into a big deal. Outbursts and fights. Full Moon is about releasing emotions. Leos are royalty, preferring to live a lavish lifestyle. 

Release family trauma from childhood, or you will marry someone with similar trauma, and you will relive the experience with someone else.

Reincarnation? Returning to earth after death to learn a lesson? I just like the novel and movie, Audrey Rose, which is about reincarnation.

Andrew Tate is a pimp.

Narcissists are engrossed by earth and money.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta are gay!


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