Insights 12.27.22

Insights 12.27.22 Video 1

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Everyone has been getting a cold or flu in November and December, I think, because of the change of weather to cool weather. Lots of panic attacks, as well. It might be because of the spiritual war.

Insights 12.27.22 Video 2

video 2 because the first one started to buffer and lag. Must be Youtube issues…

Twitch = male witch = warlock; twitch was murdered.

False death announcements of celebrities?

Hotel Cecil is surrounded by homelessness and drug addicts, attracting demons like bees swarming over honey.

Idaho 4 murders? At Moscow, Idaho. Commercial or property developer was connected to the murder. Kaylee’s father owns a construction company. It had to do with releasing the energy of the property?

Mercury Retrograde on December 28th.

Oregano Oil is good for cold and flu as well as bacterial infections. Honey and thyme are also good for sore throat, especially in herbal tea.

Confront and fix your issues because it will follow you wherever you go, and it will appear in the people you meet, forcing you to deal with it in some way.

Britney Spears is still not free. She was raised in a Luciferian family. She cannot be free.


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