Insights 12.17.21

Friday, December 17, 2021

December 18th has a Gemini Full Moon, 8:35 pm. Gemini is the house of gossip in your intermediate environment or neighborhood and family. Someone is trying to communicate with you or tell you stories about things you don’t want to know about? Gemini Rising will react to the full moon. You will have overabundance of expression, and you will tend to talk a lot. Sun in Leo will communicate with contract. Someone will offer you a job or promotion. Capricorn Moon will express themselves fully to bring about the change you want in life. Put your life back into balance. During Gemini full moon, people will bring mind fuckery words.

Venus Retrograde

Egrets are messengers of transition, or a messenger of God. Owls sometimes are messengers from dark side.

Lockdown in Toronto, Canada.

Animal totem symbolism => certain animals that keep showing up might indicate something. 

In black magick, they use spiders and bugs on the astral level to attack people in spiritual body.

Animal Speak is a book on animal totem, which provides messages via animals because animals are spirit animals.

Sumner Redstone, born Sumner Murray Rothstein, was founder of Viacom. He died on August 11, 2020, in Los Angeles. Why do people think he died today? Sun in Gemini and Moon in Libra. He ran TV networks. Maybe something is going to happen to the company, Viacom….


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