Insights 11.6.22

Sunday, November 6, 2022

November is adopt a Senior Pet Month

November 8 has full moon in Taurus with lunar eclipse. Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius will be affected. Expect the unexpected. Mars Retrograde in Gemini; I have Gemini-Rising. Blood Moon on Election Night!

Kanye West is mind-controlled, fractured, authentic, and working for the dark cult; if he doesn’t do his job promoting crap to the public or exposes too much, then he will be given electric shock treatment.

Sleep Paralysis: some people have messed up nerves, and something is energetically on top of your chest. Something is trying to come into your body. do a sea salt bath and vinegar bath for protection, for 21 days. Salt and rosemary for protection. I have experienced sleep paralysis before, and it felt weird and creepy. 

Aaron Carter found dead in his home on 11.5.22; he was 34. Aaron Charles Carter was born on 12.7.87 in Tampa, Florida. He died on 11.5.22 in Lancaster, California. He was found dead in his bathtub, which is another ritual sacrifice portal to the other side. It is likely an Illuminati murder. He has a twin sister, Angel, older brother Nick, and two other sisters. Aaron had come out bisexual.


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