Insights 11.27.22

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Insights 11.27.22 Video

Nespresso Cappuccino at home? Nespresso coffee and milk. Consider using a wand to froth the milk before pour it over the hot coffee. The cappuccino will look professional, coffee shop-bought cappuccino.

Exercise in the morning, make own food, and drink lots of water.

The recent eclipse energy caused certain deaths? 3 weeks before and after eclipse has unexpected energy. Certain people, such as Irene Cara and Aaron Carter died, as well as other celebrities in this Spiritual War. That is probably why I got a sore throat and bad headache on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. But I was back to normal on Thursday. On Friday, I just sneezed a lot, probably because of this cold weather.

Shaquilla Robinson’s murder? Ritualized murder to cause chaos and distractions.

The new mayor of LA is a scientologist?

All the young shooters of the past were programmed to do these shootings for certain agendas to control the public. They instill and elicit fear in the public to make them controllable. They were all programmed to become human weapons, trigged to do mass shootings. Afterwards, they don’t remember anything about the shootings.

Art Directors manipulate adds. Most of these Art Directors are likely to be gay men.

Kanye’s Handler threatened Kanye to talk normal or he will do something to his kids. Britney Spears is in still in the contract, and she will never have her money.

The Zionist Elites are against the people because it is a Spiritual War, and they want to bring people down for the One World Satanic agenda.

Epsom salt baths? I used to soak my feet in Epsom salt. I need to do it more.

Governments all over the world is trying to destroy the public and turn them into slaves. Iran, Canada, and USA, as well as other countries. It is all about moving toward the N.W.O. agenda, and making everyone into easily controllable slaves and puppets for the elites.

It is important to raise one’s vibrations. Water, meditation, and exercise helps raise your vibrations with a strong body in order to deal with unexpected shit in your surroundings.

Fillers in women’s face don’t break down, and they move around in these women’s face.

Timeline jumping—elevating oneself into one’s preferred position by focusing on a certain desired account. It is like visualizing your perfect look and life, and focusing on that to make it happen. What do you need to do be become happy and envision such happiness into your life. meditate and focus on your preferred life.


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