Insights 11.24.21

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

False flag satanic rituals on the mainstream media to provoke emotional response from the public. They keep talking about it on the media so to get people to talk about it, enabling to take people’s energy. Stage events.

Thanksgiving is another fake holiday, more like a satanic ritual.

Mother Theresa and many celebrities traffic kids.

Ron Jeremy Hyatt is all over Burbank. He used to assault people. He was a porn star.

Jason Momoa was rubbing his daughter’s breasts in public?

Concerts are mass ritual, such as the recent one in Texas with Travis Scott.

Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, and other fucked up actors?

Woody Allen’s children are adopted.

Brando killed Cheyanne’s boyfriend, but stated Christian killed him.

Jeffrey Starr was a hooker. He looks like a trannie.

Another lockdown on Christmas Eve, December 24th?


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