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Monday, 11.14.221

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The video is in the above link because the other way didn’t seem to work this time, for some reason.

Oprah Winfrey would vote for Fetterman. He has brain damage from a stroke. She is promoting Fetterman to the public, wanting everyone to vote for him. Why the fuck should you listen to Oprah? She was promoting that fucktard Dr. Phil and his annoyingly lame show. 

Jay Leno? Gas line fire and he was burned. He is Taurus, and he became affected by the recent Blood Moon.

Pisces loves food, while water signs are alcoholics. Aries are always angry about something. Taurus are into sensual living. Gemini are good liars and storytellers. Cancers are prone to anorexia and bulimia because they are very sensitive and emotional. Leos are attention-seeking whores. Virgos tend to use criticism to avoid emotions and expressing their feelings. Virgos also tend to be anal and perfectionists. Libras are chaos causers. Scorpios are assassins. They carry vengeance. Sagittarius are always on the go. Capricorn just want to earn and achieve. They tend to be aloof. Aquarius is stubborn, refusing to listen to anyone.

Kurt Cobain, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

Meanwhile, I made pomegranate tea from a Youtube recipe. It involved boiling pomegranate peels in water. It tastes like pomegranates, but with an earthy and natural flavor.


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